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Yearly Archives: 2018

Dev Update: Concordia NPCS

11.18.2018 by Devon Nicholson

The Concordia NPCS are now available for viewing.  You can see the them on our facebook, tumblr, and twitter pages. We hope you enjoy them and we hope to have them colored sometime soon.

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Dev Update : Concordia

11.01.2018 by Devon Nicholson

It’s Christmas First. New month means new stage and new NPCS. Up next will be Concordia. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

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Artist Highlight : TimidClover

10.10.2018 by Devon Nicholson

Here’s something really cool you guys can look at. You all may remember The Art of TimidClover . She did a super sick 3D rendition of Xara not too long ago.     If you wanted to see how it was made you can check out her channel here She streams and is working […]

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Dev Update: NPCS (Stage 2)

10.08.2018 by Devon Nicholson

It’s Halloween 8th and we are actually ahead of schedule! We can show you stage two’s npcs, The Trachsyeans. They should appear sometime this week along side the colored version of last month’s npc.

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Dev Update: NPCS

09.30.2018 by Devon Nicholson

We did it! We managed to get them squared before the close of the month. You can see them on our social media pages. It will be a little while before they make an official showing on this website though. We hope you enjoy the new designs of our stage 1 npcs and get to […]

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Dev Update: Lore Status

09.24.2018 by Devon Nicholson

Hello Ataxia Fans,   We have some good news. Not Great news, but good news nonetheless. We will be able to share with you some of the key NPCs and citizens you will meet on stage one, before the month closes but it will be very close. We are still figuring out a pace to […]

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Dev Post

09.10.2018 by Devon Nicholson

Hello everyone, it’s the start of the second week in September and we have made some honest progress with our lore segment. Some of you may remember long ago when we debuted two characters from our very first level, Shuger and Spyce. A lot has change for them since then and we have since added […]

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Dev Update

09.02.2018 by Devon Nicholson

It’s September. This month we will be focusing on Ataxia’s first world, Trichata. Over the next few days we aim to introduce you the denizens of Trichata, the important npcs you’ll meet there, and a bit on how the world came together. Thank you for your patience!

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Dev Update

08.27.2018 by Devon Nicholson

Hello everyone, Devon here, creator and project manager for Ataxia. I hope you all have been liking the website. This is only the start! We have plans to expand the site and give you chances to explore the expanded lore of the Ataxia universe. We’ll be updating a section a month. Each month we’ll look […]

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Dev Update

07.10.2018 by Devon Nicholson

Hello Ataxia fans, We just uploaded some new art to our page by the ever talented Fish Vahn. She has been an absolute joy to work with and her contributions have given Ataxia just a little more of that oomph we hope to deliver upon the game’s final launch.  We were planning to keep this […]

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