An alternate reality,
on earth, in the year 2050.

Ataxia is a 2.5d four player co-op action RPG (Role Playing Game) that takes place in an alternate reality on earth in 2050.  It follows the journey of four heroes as they set out on celestial journey to restore humanity and face off against the Goddess who seeks to destroy it.

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Meet the Characters

Kayleb Keating
Emblem for Kayleb Keating

Kayleb Keating

Kay’s passion is boxing. He lives, breathes, and dreams of the day he can make his big debut as a professional fighter. When not training for a match, he travels around with his parents; a pair of astrologists in search of cosmic phenomena and clues to mankind’s ancient ties to the celestial plane.Through his travels Kay has become a very well rounded boxer but with no real fights under his belt, his chances at stardom are looking slim to none. However, when his parents finally arrived at their newest destination, Civitas Vota, the City of Wishes, Kay would soon find himself on a journey that would take his training further than he could have ever imagined.

Xara Taylor
Emblem for Xara Taylor

Xara Taylor

Xara is a reputable power house with a rather fierce personality to match. Growing up as an orphan in a small town has meant she’s never had to answer to anyone other than herself. Drive, determination, and unbreakable will power are what define her; or so she thinks. After a horrible accident, the only connection she has to her past are the fractured memories that she desperately attempts to piece together. Now lost and alone, an unfamiliar voice calls to her from the darkness, urging her to move forward.

Dex Lallier
Emblem for Dex Lallier

Dex Lallier

Dex is a young runaway. At 13, he left the life of a scholar in exchange for one full of fast money and fame. Saying goodbye to his family, with just the clothes on his back, he vowed that one day the world would remember the name “Dex.” Life on the road was tough, but nothing would deter him from achieving his dream. By the age of 19 he had gone from a lowly street performer to traveling circus extraordinaire; seeing the world by train. His selfish ambitions got him onto the rails of success but he could have never anticipated what awaited him just beyond that new horizon.

Sable Atmadja
Emblem for Sable Atmadja

Sable Atmadja

Sable, the brilliant scientist and sister to world renowned cosmic architect, Diesel Atmadja. Under her brother’s tutelage Sable would eventually be groomed to carry the Atmadja brand. For Sable it became an obsession. She followed him everywhere; taking close notes, disregarding the dangers of space travel, and preparing for the day she would take his place. Against his wishes, she stowed away on every launch to see her brother’s work first hand. Most days went off without a hitch, followed by a light scolding if she was caught. However, one launch in particular would put an end to the scolding and possibly her career.

Ataxia combines the old school fun of an arcade beat’em up with the side scrolling of a traditional platformer taking notes from classic titles like “River City Ransom”, yet keeping up with recent entries into the genre like “Dust: The Elysian Tale” and the remake of  “Strider .” You and up to three friends will run, jump, smash, and bash your way through 8 worlds spanning across the far reaches of the cosmos.

The Mission

Your mission is to stop Aurora, a goddess hell bent on destroying all of creation one knot at a time. What are Knots? They are the many celestial channels that sustain the planet Earth. Become entranced by the world of Ataxia with fully voiced cutscenes and dialogue. Engage in dynamic quests that will challenge everything you know about the traditional rpg. Throughout your journey you and your friends will be given customization options to improve your character’s unique abilities. Collect in game currency known as Zin, and purchase special skills and equipment. Create the ultimate Goddess buster and put a stop to Aurora’s nefarious schemes. Do you have what it takes to defeat the goddess and restore life as we know it? Find out in Ataxia!

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